Geransky's Residential Foundation Division

Water & Sewer Connection

We at Geransky Bros Construction are always trying to make your building experience better, so we started doing the sewer and water connections prior to the footings being poured. This beats the alternative of ripping up the front yard while framers are working and dirt needs to be piled on NEW asphalt. This also speeds up the building process making it easier on you the builder. It is no wonder we work for all of the top choice homebuilders in Saskatoon and area! With over 1500 connections done in the first three years it proved to be a great success!

Waterproof Basements

Even with all the past success, management believes that there is always room for improvement. At Geransky Bros. Construction we take pride in setting new goals and then working hard to achieve them. Successfully waterproofing over 1800 basements since the fall of 2012 is one improvement they have made. The changes that have been implemented to improve foundations in the province has been a success. The extensive research into finding the best product and application process to meet the needs of the province’s best home builders has paid off! Geransky Brothers Construction has invested in using SuperPro coatings product. It is a highly advanced instant set water based spray on membrane. It is sprayed on at 60mls thick and cures to 40mls instantly, which allows for expansion and contracting, bridging typical wall cracks with ease. This product comes with a 10 year waterproof warranty!

Everyone at GBC is excited for this change and happy to show the home builders and homeowners that we care about the finished product of the most important part of your home, the foundation!!! Be sure to ask your home builder if your foundation is waterproof. Most of our competitors are still just damproofing which only protects against moisture. With over 40+ years behind us GBC is continually striving in only providing the very best foundations possible. The very best basements can only be waterproof basements!!!

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We have now also ventured into Helical Screw Piles over the last few years. With the previous years being extremely wet it created challenges for concrete pilings and this has been the problem solver. The engineered screw piles are perfect for foundations in the sandy and/or wet soil conditions. We install 3.5 inch up to 5.5 inch screw piles to the specified torques designed by professional engineers in Saskatchewan.


Garage Slabs

Starting in the spring of 2015 Geransky Brothers Construction will also be sealing every garage with a hardener sealer product. Once again Geransky Brothers Construction looked into finding solutions for a recent problem. Peeling and shaling garage floors is on the rise. With more harsh winters, our vehicles are bringing into our garages the chemical products being used on our roads. The heat of your vehicle melts the snow which runs to the overhead door and then freezes there. The freeze thaw effect is extremely harmful to the concrete’s surface. Mixed with the potash and chlorides used on the roads your garage floor is very vulnerable to peeling and shaling. We have done our own testing and have found that sealing all your concrete exposed to these elements will greatly reduce the risks of your concrete surface coming apart. We have therefore decided to seal every garage slab we pour going forward into spring 2015.


To Geransky Bros safety is a business value because people are our most important asset. We have a high regard for safety and have made it a culture that includes caring for our employees and the environment. Geransky Bros Safety system is integrated into our business and defined by our Health & Safety Policy. Prior to commencing work on our job sites, our employees as well as their supervisors will perform an assessment and evaluate the risks.

At Geransky, safety is about more than mere regulatory compliance. We see safety as a continuing drive for improvement and achievement. We believe that “we are the best because we have the best” – Tim Dueck, and that Safety Benefits Everyone. First and foremost it benefits, our employees on site, who directly benefit from a safe work environment. Secondly, the families and loved ones of those employees. Thirdly it benefits Geransky as an employer, because a safe business is a profitable business. Our goal is zero, which refers to eliminating all lost time, damage to our equipment and environment.

After achieving COR (certificate of recognition) a program run by Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association we have continued to be committed to retaining it. The COR program is a standard that evaluates your safety program. This new standard has confirmed our commitment to our employees.

We start and end each day with safety; all employees are expected to contribute to a safe workplace for themselves as well as their fellow employees. Our employees focus on safety allows us to be a more efficient work force with less down time and higher productivity. As a customer of Geransky Bros. Construction this means that your deadlines become attainable and the project will not get delayed due to workplace accidents and equipment failure.

Geransky Bros. Construction is in the business of satisfying customers, and we believe our skill and innovative ideas such as footing keyways and crack control joints in walls make Geransky Bros Construction a leader in the business. Our full time office personnel with radio and GPS dispatched units save you, the consumer, time and money.

Ryan Geransky