Gravel Crushing

In 2008 Geransky Bros Construction decided to invest in our own crushing equipment, rather than hire it out. Even though it was a large investment to get the proper equipment we now can plan for the products we need and get them done when required. This enables you the customers to have a large choice of products like crushed rock, pea rock, base gravel, road gravel, sand and many other specialty choices. Geransky Bros Construction not only crushes for our own needs but also for local RMs and private customers. With the large spread of newer equipment and our very experienced and capable crew we can produce up to 400-500 tonnes per hour on some aggregates!

We have the capability to manufacture most products that are required along with the high quality needed. A great percentage of crushing is for our own in house needs and for our local customers and we have even currently have done some crushing for the local RM. Our motto is to produce the right product at a competitive price. We supply or make ¾” Crushed rock, 1″ basement rock, road gravel, ½” pea rock, blend sand, torpedo sand, crusher dust, screened topsoil, fill dirt to name a few.

How does the crushing process work?

The whole process starts with some test holing to find the gravel, and then the Cat D8T comes in and excavates the topsoil onsite and piles it. Next the sub soil gets excavated and piled. Now it’s time to build a big pad (like a parking lot) for the gravel crusher to set up on. There is a various types of aggregate can be made such as: Base gravel, pea rock, screenings, crushed rock, concrete sand and gravel.

What does the crushing process consist of?

A gravel crusher is made up of several different pieces of equipment.

1. Feeder is the first in the line that’s where the pitrun gets dumped into it controls the feed speed and also separates the rocks that are too big to crush.
2. Sand screen is next, it separates the sand from the rock and also separates the rock and decides what rocks the jaw has to crush.
3. Jaw Crusher: a jaw crusher is a big box of iron with two maganese liners in one is stationary and the other one moves. The movable jaw dye gets its momentum from an electric motor that spins two 4 foot fly wheels which gives the force to break up to 24″ rocks.
4. Rock screen: A rock screen is a three deck screen plant the first deck separates the rocks that need to get crushed by the cone crusher. The second deck sizes the rock for the finished product along with the third deck. The third deck also helps for finishing off the rock product and also separates the crusher dust from the rock.
5. Cone crusher : a cone crusher is a crusher that has two manganese liners. One is shaped like a cone the other is shaped like a bowl. The two liners crush rock between them. The sizing is set by an Asri computer that controls the operations of the cone.
6. From there all the products get sent out on conveyors and stockpiled.


Other benefits of Geranskys’ Crushing, Aggregate and Earth Works Division?

We also have a three deck wash plant and a course material screw. A wash plant is a three deck screen plant that we wash rock, sand with. A course material screw is an augur that can wash rock up to 3″ in size. The benefit of having the course screw is that it will wash out roots where on a normal wash plant the roots float over top the screens.

If you have any questions you can call Dennis Geransky @ 306 221 9266 or Demetrius Terleski @ 306 270 4801 or email

Geransky Bros. Construction is in the business of satisfying customers, and we believe our skill and innovative ideas such as footing keyways and crack control joints in walls make Geransky Bros Construction a leader in the business. Our full time office personnel with radio and GPS dispatched units save you, the consumer, time and money.

Ryan Geransky